Advantage of treadmill machine, use treadmill machine can running anywhere. Even at home, at office, or at gym center. Running is a popular kind of exercise. Because it can bring us many advantages. First it can build up our strength and make us healthy. Second it can get rid of our pressure and make us relaxed. Third it can prevent diseases and make us keep fit. Finally it can also exercise our patience. In a word, running is a wonderful form of exercise. If you are involved in it, you can get more pleasure. Treadmill machine including many kinds of function: LED display speed,distance, time, calorie, pulse, incline; 9 built-in programs; 4 touch key to choose speed&incline/decline; Hand detection heart rate; High fidelity audio,  Hi-Fi speakers; with MP3 player interface; Handrail adjust speed, slope;Safety key; Soft stop; Rubber shock absorber system . So, treadmill machine is a best choice machine to keep health!