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Customer case

Middle East cuetomers are exchanging purchases with salesmen

After signing the purchase contract, the Middle East customer took a photo with our salesman.


The customers purchased sports strength equipment from us, such as 45 leg press elliptical machine, seated calf raise machine,gym exercise biceps curl machine, etc., and some hammer strength plate loaded, such as hammer strength leg press machine, hammer strength chest press, biceps curl hammer strength machine and so on.The client also purchased a series of aerobic fitness equipment, such as electric running machine, exercise spin bikes, gym rowing machine, etc.There are also some gym accessories, such as barbells, dumbbells, rubber flooring, sandbags and so on.


The fact that middle eastern customers have come to China to buy fitness equipment shows their trust in our Chinese products.Laijian sports equipment factory is a manufacturer of gym equipment with quality as the first requirement.No matter what kind of requirements customers have on equipment, need to redesign the fitness equipment or equipment color, we will according to customer needs, make customer satisfaction equipment - - professional design team for your service.