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Customer case

Mauritius customers who import commercial gym equipment from China

Mauritius customers have purchased commercial gym machine workouts from us.


In fact, the customer came to our company to see the fitness equipment first, but he did not decide to buy it. Instead, he chose to visit some more fitness equipment factories. After comparing several manufacturers, the customer finally chose our laijian fitness equipment.This shows that our company's fitness equipment in so many manufacturers is very advantageous, with more professional production technology and personnel, to ensure the quality of products.


The customer came to our office again, directly discussed the details of the purchase of fitness equipment, and then signed the purchase contract.The client mainly purchased body building strength equipment in our company, such as matrix exercise equipment series biceps curl fitness, triceps exercise press machine, newest shoulder press exercise, seated rowing exercise machine, seated lat pulldown machine and so on.Hack squat machine, squat leg press machine, leg extension strength machine and other hammer strength fitness equipment.In addition, there are induction forging smith machine, three multi station comprehensive machine, spirit treadmill, best spinning bikes, elliptical bike with twister machine and so on.It was a very pleasant cooperation.