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All equipment of the gym of the nepalese customer is purchased from our company. Our company manufactures and sells the complete set of equipment of the commercial gym, which can be purchased at one time.Our excellent quality, moderate price and timely after-sales service are the reasons why many customers choose our products.The customer from Nepal runs a large gym, which requires a large number of fitness equipment. According to the feedback pictures from the customer, there are many lubricant ..

As we all know, treadmills are the most common type of fitness equipment in gyms, and everyone who owns a gym will also choose to purchase a treadmill.However, for those who have no experience in purchasing, I will tell you some tips on how to choose and buy.After starting the treadmill, please check whether the motor runs smoothly without shocking noise, whether the running belt operates stably, whether the armrest position is comfortable, whether the running area is suitable for you, and whether the function is easy to operate.

This customer from Nigeria has been an old friend of ours. He bought the gym machines from us when he opened the first gym, and has been buying the gym exercise equipment from us since then.Now it's time to open a third health club.The reason why customers can always trust us is that our company can always put quality in the first place and ensure that every piece of equipment provided to customers is perfect.

Regular customers in our procurement, we all have perferetial,because we have cooperated many times.Sometimes customers bring their gym club friends over to buy equipment.This time, the customer placed a big order here ...

Korean series new products

The latest production of the newly completed Korean series of new products. The shape is more high-end atmosphere luxury, excellent production process, cost-effective.

The Lebanese customer and the company came to discuss cooperation matters on March 4, 2019. After experiencing the equipment in person, we reached a cooperation with us.

New product 

New product launched. Today, the company launched a new series of hanging pieces, the main frame adopts an elliptical tube, the cushion is a prototyping product, and the appearance is even more high-end atmosphere.

India customers buy gym equipment from China LJ fitness equipment factory...

How to open a private/commercial/office exercise gym ?

1, the location of the gym
Fitness is now accepted by most people, and people work out more at night after work. Therefore, the location of the gym is best chosen in a more concentrated area in the residential area, which can facilitate members 'access. And choose places where there are more young people

2, the area of the gym
The design and layout of the gym should be based on actual needs, but it should not be less than...

How to use fitness equipment ?

The scientific and reasonable method must have a certain order of training each time, first warm-up exercise preparation activities), especially in the winter or low ambient temperature, must move the various joints open. A little sweat is good. This is followed by formal exercise and relaxation. In the formal training, aerobic exercise should pay attention to the coordination with breathing; If weight loss to arrange more groups of fewer times, if bodybuilding should be less groups of more times. Large intensity short time training is beneficial to the development of strength and speed, and medium and small intensity long time training is conducive to the ...